Head to the very western edge of Emerald Isle to discover an iconic spot that’s been popular with longtime vacationers and locals alike – The Point. This informally named stretch of beach is where the borders of Emerald Isle ends, and where the Bogue Inlet begins, and the surrounding shoreline, which circles from the ocean to the Bogue Sound, is renowned as a paradise for fishermen, beachcombers, sightseers, birdwatchers, and anyone who enjoys a miles-wide and on-the-water view.

Accessing the point can be a little tricky, and generally entails a bit of a long walk along the beach, (although vacationers will find a number of vacation rentals that border the inlet-facing beaches as well.) Depending on the time of year, the area is a Mecca for a wide variety of waterfowl and shorebirds, as well as countless big saltwater catches that regularly cruise through the adjacent inlet with every tide. Visitors are free to stroll and explore, but are cautioned to avoid swimming in the immediate area, as currents through the inlet can be especially strong. A fun and scenic destination for beach-lovers of all genres, The Point is arguably the most popular local beach in the coastal community of Emerald Isle.

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