History buffs will find a wealth of reasons to visit Battleground Antiques – a unique destination that features centuries of memorabilia that will fascinate shoppers of all tastes. Located just south of the heart of New Bern, this extensive warehouse-style store is stocked to the brim with unique pieces that will enthrall Civil War buffs, history fans, and anyone with an eye for the unusual or unique.

The personnel at Battleground Antiques buy, sell, and trade all kinds of historical memorabilia, and specializes in items from the Revolutionary War, Civil War, and virtually every major conflict ever since. The store is best known for its Civil War memorabilia, which can range from battlefield relics and artifacts, to books and documents. With an ever-changing array of memorabilia, history buffs will want to return again and again to see what “new” old treasures have arrived at the extensive store. From ancient firearms, to bullets, to buttons and uniforms, there’s no telling what will be uncovered at this wholly unique shop. Certainly distinctive among the many antique shops that call New Bern home, Battleground Antiques is a treasure trove of military items that will have history fans continually curious and ready to explore the store.

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New Bern
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