At Katys Home Healthcare, we treat the senior members of the family!

We're here for evaluations, treatments, and ongoing wellness for your parents, grandparents, aunties, and uncles so they can keep their independence and stay out of nursing homes or simply to give you peace of mind that they spent their remaining time here as they envisioned it, happy.

At Katys Home Healthcare, our experienced team puts our clients health first. We are proud to provide a high level of customer service, and commitment to health and wellness to all our patients.

Our medical team will work to make sure your loved ones feel great about life. We are suited to calm nerves and get their life on the path to good habits and good health.

Getting excited about life and good health is important. We strive to get them back to an earlier time when they could do activities on their own.

24/7 READY
We’re ready to help you on a 24/7 basis. Whenever the emergency calls, Katys Home Healthcare is there!

Our patients and their parents rate us at 5 stars. Our welcoming staff makes a difference.

During our 10+ years in business, we’ve gathered a seasoned team of hard working and passionate caregivers

Services for when they are at the beginning of their golden years.
• In home and in facility care
• Housekeeping
• Laundry

Services for when they are in the thick of their second childhood.
• Exercise, range of motion
• Companionship
• Medication reminder

Services for when their season passes through their Autumn of life.
• Bathing
• Meal preparation
• End of life doula

Once you fill out the form posted in the link given on each page to set up services we’ll reach out to you and set up a meeting. The first meeting is important for multiple reasons:

• To establish a connection so you don’t have a stranger coming in your home

• To get a broader understanding of you or your loved ones needs

• To establish a schedule that works around your appointments and life in general

• To pair you up with an aide that best suites your personality and needs

• Talk about pricing! We take long term disability and work with Veterans Affairs. If you're not apart of either then we'll negotiate a packaged price depending on the type of care you need.


Katys Home Healthcare
NC Office: (252) 606-4370

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